New Additions July-August 2018 RSS feed for public list New Additions July-August 2018 Ambedkar, Gandhi and Patel: by Raja Sekhar Vundru A collection of Indian English poetry/ by Radha Mohan Singh, Ed. A companion of translation studies/ by Kuhiwczak, Piotr, Ed. A Handbook of translation studies/ by Bijay Kumar das A Southern music: by Krishna,T.M Advanced android application development/ by Annuzzi, Joseph An apology for poetry or the defence of poesy/ by Sidney, Philip Ancient India/ by Majumdar, R C Applied biological engineering: Art and Social Life/ by Plekhanov ,G.V Arya and other stories by Chandrika Balan Aspects of political ideas and institutions in ancient India/ by Ram Sharan Sharma Autobiography, travel and postnational identity: by Javed Majeed Basic physiology/ by Sreekumar, C Beyond trade: by Himanshu Prabha Ray Big data fundamentals: by Erl, Thomas Biodiversity, traditional knowledge and intellectual property rights/ by Ram Reddy, S Bioenergetics/ by Clark, Kevin, Ed. Biophysics/ by Misra, A N, Ed. Biostatistics: by Kushwaha, K S Canons of children's literature Volume 1/ by Sunita Sinha, Ed. Chemistry: by Timberlake, Karen Cinema of enchantment: by Anjali Gera Roy Class power consciousness in Indian cinema & television/ by Anirudh Deshpande Classical mechanics by Aruldhas, G Cloud computing design patterns/ by Erl, Thomas Cloud computing: by Erl, Thomas Cloud computing: by Srinivasan, A Cochin forests and the British Techno-ecological imperialism in India/ by Sebastian Joseph Computer vision: by Forsyth, David A Core Java: by Horstmann, Cay S Core PYTHON: by Chun, Wesley J Cryptography and network security: by Stallings, William Cultural studies 1983: by Hall, Stuart Cultural studies in the future tense/ by Grossberg, Lawrence Data and computer communications/ by Stallings, William Discourse on colonialism: by Cesaire, Aime Dispelling the silence: by Shanmugiah, S Ed. Effective Perl programming: by Hall, Joseph N English in the dalit context/ by Alladi Uma, Ed. Essays on literature, history & society: by Saiyid Zaheer Husain Jafri, Comp. Facets of Indian diasporic writings/ Figurations in Indian film/ by Meheli Sen, Ed. Finance sense: by Prasanna Chandra Functional genomics/ by Meroni, Germana, Ed. Fundamentals of cytogenetics and genetics/ by Mahabal Ram Fundamentals of embedded software with the ARM Cortex-M3/ by Lewis, Daniel W Fundamentals of statistical mechanics/ by Laud, B B Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic: by Klir, George J Garcia Lorca for beginners/ by Cuitino, Luis Martinez Gender issues: by Sangeeta Sharma Gene duplication/ Genesis select stories/ by Lakshmi Kannan Heterocyclic chemistry/ by Raj K Bansal History and class consciousness: by Lukacs,Georg History of the world: by Arjun Dev History of Tipu Sultan/ by Mohibbul Hasan IBM PC assembly language and programming/ by Abel, Peter Ideology: by Eagleton, Terry In defence of honour and justice: by Sabyasachi Dasgupta In spite of the Gods: by Luce, Edward Indian sculpture: by Kramrisch, Stella Innovating lean six sigma: by Watson-Hemphill, Kimberly Interrogating politics and society: by Suranjan Das Introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems/ by Patterson, Dan W Introduction to artificial intelligence/ by Charniak,Eugene Introduction to automata theory, formal languages and computation/ by Shyamalendu Kandar Introduction to biostatistics and research methods/ by Sundar Rao, P S S Introduction to cryptography: by Trappe, Wade Invoking Ambedkar: Irreverent history: by Kesavan Veluchat, Ed. JAVA SE 8 for programmers/ by Deitel, Paul JEE (Main) plus Chemistry/ by Mishra, A K Kabuliwallaa and other stories/ by Rabindranath Tagore Kuttiyedathi and other stories/ by Vasudevan Nair, M T Lenin and philosophy and other essays/ by Althusser, Louis Linear integrated circuits/ by Roy Choudhury, D Literature as history: by Chhanda Chatterjee, Ed. Major voices in new literature in English/ Marxism and literature/ by Williams, Raymond Marxism and politics/ by Miliband, Ralph Material science: by Kakani, S L Mausam: by Himanshu Prabha Ray Medicinal chemistry/ by Ashutosh Kar Methodological issues in Indian archaeology/ by Paddayya, K Microbial enzymes and processes for healthcare, environment and industry/ Mycology and microbiology: by Manoharachary, C Narratives of Indian cinema/ by Manju Jain, Ed. Nation first: by Dilip K Chakrabarti Nation in imagination: by Vijayasree, C, Ed. New mansions for music: by Lakshmi Subramanian Nuclear chemistry: by Arnikar, Hari Jeevan On the stage: by Sujatha, K, Ed. Operating systems design and implementation/ by Tanenbaum, Andrew S Organometallic chemistry: by Mehrotra, R C Paradise lost: by Milton, John Personality at work: by Warren, Ron Pervasive computing: by Burkhardt, Jochen Physical chemistry through problems/ by Dogra, S K Plant biochemistry: by Nagaraj, G Plant biotechnology and genetic engineering/ by Govil, C M Plant secondary metabolites/ by Shukla, Y M Political violence in ancient India/ by Upinder Singh Polymer science/ by Gowariker, V R Postcolonial studies and beyond/ by Loomba, Ania, Ed. Postmodernism for beginners/ by Powell, Jim Postmodernism: by Jameson, Fredric Pratyaha: by Prasanta Ray, Ed. Probability and statistics/ by Purna Chandra Biswal Protein structure/ by Faraggi, Eshel, Ed. Protein- protein interactions: Quantum chemistry/ by Prasad, R K Rabindranath Tagore Gora: Reading Capital/ by Althusser, Louis Religion and society/ by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya Rethinking gender: by Sunita Sinha Sartre for beginners/ by Palmer, Donald Saussure for beginners/ by Gordon, W Terrence Science and philosophy in ancient India/ by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya Semiconductor materials and devices: by Bose, D N Sense and solidarity: by Dreze, Jean Shakespeare and the art of lying/ by Shormishtha Panja Shakespeare for beginners/ by Toropov, Brandon Software engineering/ by Jibitesh Mishra South Asian texts in history: by Bronner, Yigal Spectroscopy of organic compunds/ by Kalsi, P S Stanislavski for beginners/ by Allen, David State and government in ancient India/ by Altekar, A S Stereochemistry: by Kalsi, P S Symmetry and spectroscopy: by Harris, Daniel C Systems engineering: by Stevens, Richard The actress in the public theatres of Calcutta/ by Sarvani Gooptu The being of bhasha: by Devy, G N, Ed. The bhakti movement: by Govinda Pillai, P The destruction of reason/ by Lukacs, Georg The equation of success/ by Arun Sharma The fictional world of Saul Bellow/ by Ishteyaque Shams The illicit happiness of other people/ by Manu Joseph The making of a museum: The mass psychology of fascism/ by Reich, Wilhelm The plays of Girish Karnad: by Abhishek Kosta The poverty of theory: by Thompson, E P The theory of the leisure class: by Veblen, Thorstein The theory of the novel: by Lukacs, Georg The UNIX programming environment/ by Kernighan, Brian W The writings of M T Vasudevan Nair: by Vasudevan Nair, M T Understanding the novel: by Albeena Shakil Vegetarians only: by Skybaaba What happened in history/ by Childe, V Gordon Women in postcolonial Indian English literature redefining the self/ by Malti Agarwal, Ed.