New Additions January-February 2019 RSS feed for public list New Additions January-February 2019 The handbook of counselling psychology / Radio naataka prasthanam (റേഡിയോ നാടക പ്രസ്ഥാനം)/ Monasticism in late medieval England, c. 1300-1535 : / Saudi Arabian foreign policy : Turkey and the politics of national identity: Israel and the world powers : The Arab world and Latin America : South Asians and the shaping of Britain, 1870-1950: Handbook of cognitive-behavioral approaches in primary care / Myanmar : The suppression of the Atlantic slave trade : Making contemporary theatre : The intellectual culture of the English country house, 1500-1700 / Roadworks: The renaissance of emotion : A political sociology of the European Union : Catholic communities in protestant states: Curating empire : Images of Africa : Writing imperial histories / Promoting intercultural communication competencies in higher education / World Development Report 2017: Governance and the Law / Democratic peace across the Middle East : E P Thompson and English radicalism/ Popular protest in the new middle east: Social media in the Arab world : Treatment of language disorders in children / A literature of restitution : Studies in Coptic culture : Auto/biography and identity : The black death/ Colonial caring : Civil rights stories / Exhibiting the Empire : Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics: Cognitive-behavior therapy for children : State and society in Iraq : The American civil rights movement : Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300/ Politics, performance and popular culture : The world of El Cid : Migration from North Africa and the Middle East: The Black Jacobins reader / The politics of global governance : Introducing global issues/ The geopolitics of global energy : Gender, psychology, and justice : American Indian business : China's frontier regions : Treating post-trauma nightmares : The encyclopedia of neuropsychological disorders / The management of UN peacekeeping : African security and the African command : Notions of genre : Mahmoud Darwish : by Abu Eid, Muna Palestinian refugees and identity : by Achilli, Luigi The UAE and Saudi Arabia: by Al-Mazrouei, Noura Saber Bangladesh : by Ali Riaz Learning femininity in colonial India, 1820-1932 / by Allender, Tim The struggle for the state in Jordan : by Allinson, Jamie The Kurds of Syria : by Allsopp, Harriet Lunch with a bigot : by Amitava Kumar Race and power in British India / by Anderson, Valerie Health psychology/ by Anisman, Hymie The Bluebook uncovered : by Anthon, Dionne E Administrative law/ by Asimov, Michael Behavior solutions for the inclusive classroom / by Aune, Beth The how to of qualitative research / by Aurini, Janice D Difficult students & disruptive behavior in the classroom : by Austin, Vance L The English manor, c. 1200-c.1500 / by Bailey, Mark Using film as a source/ by Barber, Sian The post-colonial state and civil war in Sudan: by Bassil, Noah R The well-educated mind : by Bauer, Susan Wise The well-trained mind : by Bauer, Susan Wise The history of central Asia: by Baumer, Christoph White-collar crime : by Berger, Ronald J Monuments, power and poverty in India : by Bhalla, A S Geographies of an imperial power : by Black, Jeremy The historian's craft/ by Bloch, Marc Standards and ethics for counselling in action / by Bond, Tim How the west was lost/ by Boot, Alexander Gender, migration and the global race for talent / by Boucher, Anna The end of the experiment?: by Bowman, Andrew What a waste : by Bowman, Andrew... [et al.] The truth and reconciliation commission / by Burton, Mary Ingouville Embracing the darkness: by Callow, John Youth and Education in the Middle East: by Cantini, Daniele Arbitration in a nutshell / by Carbonneau, Thomas E Integrating clinical hypnosis and CBT : by Chapman, Robin A Chartism: by Chase, Malcolm Julian Barnes / by Childs, Peter Concepts and case analysis in the law of contracts / by Chirelstein, Marvin A Interpreting and using statistics in psychological research / by Christopher, Andrew N When boys become boys : by Chu, Judy Y Evidence- based training methods: by Clark, Ruth Colvin Social change and everyday life in Ireland 1850-1922 / by Clear, Caitríona, Popular protest in late medieval Europe : by Cohn, Samuel K, Jr Mindfulness and yoga for self-regulation : by Cook-Cottone, Catherine P Guerrilla diplomacy: by Copeland, Daryl A short history of the Italian Renaissance / by Cox, Virginia Attachment-based teaching : by Cozolino, Louis J Authentically Black and truly Catholic : by Cressler, Matthew J History and memory / by Cubitt, Geoffrey Behavioral challenges in children with autism and other special needs : by Cullinane, Diane Time, Work and Leisure : by Cunningham, Hugh Cricket and community in England: by Davies, Peter The debate on the French revolution / by Davies, Peter Time and memory in reggae music: by Daynes, Sarah Selling Ronald Reagan: by De Groot, Gerard Empire and history writing in Britain c. 1750-2012 / by De Groot, Joanna The politics of humanitarianism: by De Lauri, Antonio, Ed. Graphene optics: by Depine, Ricardo A Forcibly displaced : by Devictor, Xavier The teacher's guide to student mental health / by Dikel, William Teaching time-management to learners with autism spectrum disorder / by DiPipi-Hoy, Caroline Show me! : by Dittoe, Carol Teaching communication skills to students with severe disabilities / by Downing, June Toxic torts in a nutshell / by Eggen, Jean Macchiaroli Civil society : by Ehrenberg, John The practice of rational emotive behavior therapy/ by Ellis, Albert Africa : by Englebert, Pierre A new A-Z of international relations theory/ by Farrands, Chris Citizens but not Americans : by Flores-González, Nilda The making of contemporary Africa : by Freund, Bill Hidden treasures of Ethiopia: by Friedlander, Maria Jose The power curse: by Gallarotti, Giulio M Vexed with devils : by Gasser, Erika The politics of migration & immigration in Europe / by Geddes, Andrew Principles of products liability / by Geistfeld, Mark Afghan lessons: by Gentilini, Fernando History, heritage, and colonialism : by Gentry, Kynan Curriculum leadership : by Glatthorn, Allan A Classroom yoga breaks : by Goldberg, Louise The extractive zone : by Gómez-Barris, Macarena The crisis of South African foreign policy: by Graham, Matthew Temple talks... about autism and the older child: by Grandin, Temple The houses of history : by Green, Anna Comparative politics of the global South : by Green, December Consumer transactions / by Greenfield, Michael M Blended practices for teaching young children in inclusive settings / by Grisham-Brown, Jennifer Copts and the security state : by Guirguis, Laure Wanting and having : by Gurney, Peter Will this be China's century: by Gurtov, Mel Global energy justice : by Guruswamy, Lakshman D Women drinking out in Britain since the early twentieth century/ by Gutzke, David W Sara Paretsky : by Hamilton, Cynthia S The crisis of theory: by Hamilton, Scott The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast : by Hanson, John H Professional writing for the criminal justice system / by Harrison, Jill Delivering lectures: by Haynes, Anthony Trial and lawyering skills in a nutshell / by Hegland, Kenney F Oil and American identity : by Herbstreuth, Sebastian Catholicism and children's literature in France : by Heywood, Sophie. Computation in science/ by Hinsen, Konrad The college and university counseling manual : by Hodges, Shannon China's forgotten people : by Holdstock, Nick Kitsch: by Holliday, Ruth The time of youth : by Honwana, Alcinda Manuel Managing today's news media : by Husni, Samir Emotions, learning, and the brain : by Immordino-Yang, Mary Helen Butterfly in the quantum world: by Indubala I Satija Promises not kept : by Isbister, John Steeped in heritage : by Ives, Sarah Fleming Identity : by Izenberg, Gerald The Congress of Vienna and its legacy: by Jarrett, Mark Mission accomplished?: by Jenkins, Simon Mindfulness for teachers : by Jennings, Patricia A Teaching outside the lines : by Johnson, Doug Cognitive behavioral therapy in K-12 school settings : by Joyce-Beaulieu, Diana Children who fail at school but succeed at life : by Katz, Mark Secularism and state religion in modern Turkey: by Kaya, Emir Homo cinematicus : by Killen, Andreas Rwanda's Popular Genocide : by Kimonyo, Jean Paul Mediation in a nutshell / by Kovach, Kimberlee K Principles of products liability / by Krauss, Michael The Spanish tragedy / by Kyd, Thomas The Nazi Holocaust: by Landau, Ronnie S The World Trade Organization : by Lanoszka, Anna Debates on the Holocaust / by Lawson, Tom The world food problem : by Leathers, Howard D A guide to the standard EMDR therapy protocols for clinicians, supervisors, and consultants / by Leeds, Andrew M Impossible modernism : by Lehman, Robert S Every teacher a leader : by Levin, Barbara B Doing comparative politics : by Lim, Timothy C Media and society : by Louw, Eric Death and survival in urban Britain: by Luckin, Bill US politics and the United Nations : by Lyon, Alynna Shi'I sectarianism in the middle east: by Machlis, Elisheva Orientalism : by MacKenzie, John M Statecraft in the Middle east: by Mansour, Imad Dr. Faustus: by Marlowe, Christopher The Jew of Malta / by Marlowe, Christopher Fragments of a lost homeland: by Marsoobian, Armen Global issues in environmental law / by McCaffrey, Stephen C Local government law in a nutshell / by McCarthy, David J Social work and family violence : by McClennen, Joan C Communalism and sexual violence in India: by Megha Kumar Solution focused narrative therapy / by Metcalf, Linda Fools and idiots? : by Metzler, Irina Studying science: by Millican, Pauline Holistic health for adolescents : by Milosavljevic, Nada Beastly encounters of the Raj : by Mishra, Saurabh Jimmy Carter in Africa : by Mitchell, Nancy Rohinton Mistry / by Morey, Peter Chinua Achebe / by Morrison, Jago African development : by Moss, Todd J Leading professional learning : by Murray, Thomas C Mental health law in a nutshell / by Myers, John E. B High-functioning autism and difficult moments : by Myles, Brenda Smith Slavery and silence : by Naish, Paul D The colonisation of time : by Nanni, Giordano The content analysis guidebook / by Neuendorf, Kimberly A Problem-solving therapy : by Nezu, Arthur M Prophecy and the politics of salvation in late georgian England: by Niblett, Matthew Keralathinte Lasyaperuma (കേരളത്തിന്റെ ലാസ്യപ്പെരുമ)/ by Nirmala Panikar (നിർമ്മല പണിക്കർ) Alternative dispute resolution in a nutshell / by Nolan-Haley, Jacqueline M 1001 great ideas for teaching & raising children with autism or Asperger's / by Notbohm, Ellen The politics of icono-clasm: by Noyes, James The debate on the English reformation/ by O'Day, Rosemary Products liability law / by Owen, David G. Mental language : by Panaccio, Claude Indian foreign policy : by Pant, Harsh V In the name of the people: by Pawson, Lara Ethnography of English football fans : by Pearson, Geoff Ways of knowing: by Pickstone, John V Administrative law and process / by Pierce, Richard J Empire of scholars : by Pietsch, Tamson Key concepts in gender studies / by Pilcher, Jane The universe untangled: by Pillitteri, Abigail Karl Polanyi : by Polanyi, Karl Democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world/ by Pratt, Nicola A passion for freedom : by Ramphele, Mamphela Exporting revolution : by Randall, Margaret Thinking literature across continents / by Ranjan Ghosh The mindful education workbook : by Rechtschaffen, Daniel J Anxiety and depression in the classroom : by Reilly, Nadja Local government law / by Reynolds, Osborne M The uncanny/ by Royle, Nicholas Using R with multivariate statistics / by Schumacker, Randall E Understanding the social world : by Schutt, Russell K Lectures on selected topics in mathematical physics : by Schwalm, William A The ABCs of how we learn : by Schwartz, Daniel L International law in world politics: by Scott, Shirley V Teaching behavior : by Scott, Terrance M Development and underdevelopment : by Seligson, Mitchell A Renaissance woman/ by Servadio, Gaia Holocaust memory in the digital age : by Shandler, Jeffrey Arab-Iranian rivalry in the Persian Gulf : by Sharifi-Yazdi, Farzad Cyrus Emperor of the five rivers: by Sheikh, Mohamed Refugee status in Islam : by Shoukri, Arafat Madi Boko Haram: by Smith, Mike Cognitive behavior therapy with older adults : by Sorocco, Kristen Hilliard Internal frontiers : by Soske, Jon Historiography: by Spalding, Roger Calvinist churches in early modern Europe/ by Spicer, Andrew Michael Ondaatje / by Spinks, Lee Game-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for child sexual abuse : by Springer, Craig Dust / by Steedman, Carolyn The gentlewoman's remembrance : by Stephens, Isaac Help your students to study: by Strawson, Hannah Single molecule biophysics and poisson process approach to statistical mechanics / by Susanta K Sarkar Successfully competing in U.S. moot court competitions / by Teply, Larry L Teach the whole preschooler : by Terebush, Cindy Attlee : by Thomas-Symonds, Nicklaus Black power and the American people: by Torrubia, Rafael Technology for trainers / by Toth, Thomas A Museveni's Uganda : by Tripp, Aili Mari The silk road: by Tucker, Jonathan The Silk Road, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran: by Tucker, Jonathan Latin America in international politics : by Tulchin, Joseph S Water and society: by Tvedt, Terje Human rights and development / by Uvin, Peter The colonial origins of ethnic violence in India / by Verghese, Ajay The SAGE dictionary of statistics & methodology : by Vogt, W. Paul Academic legal writing : by Volokh, Eugene The UN Security Council in the twenty-first century / by Von Einsiedel, Sebastian Ed. Conrad's Marlow: by Wake, Paul Qualitative social research : by Waller, Vivienne Principles of criminal procedure / by Weaver, Russell L Saints and cities in medieval italy/ by Webb, Diana Reading and learning difficulties : by Westwood, Peter S The 8 keys to end bullying activity book companion guide for parents & educators / by Whitson, Signe Key concepts in the philosophy of social research / by Williams, Malcolm Ngugi wa Thiong'o/ by Williams, Patrick Human rights in international politics : by Wilmer, Franke Beginning postmodernism/ by Woods, Tim Thinking in public : by Wurgaft, Benjamin Aldes The UN Association of the USA : by Wurst, James Negotiating international water rights: by Yetim, Muserref Frantz Fanon: by Zeilig, Leo