New Additions March-April 2019 RSS feed for public list New Additions March-April 2019 'Tis pity she's a whore/ by Ford, John A constitutional history of India, 1600-1935/ by Keith, Arthur Berriedale A critique of proportionality and balancing / by Urbina, Francisco J A first course in statistical programming with R / by Braun, John W A frayed history : by Meena menon A history of macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and beyond / by Vroey, Michel de A short history of transatlantic slavery/ by Morgan, Kenneth A. S. Byatt: by Alfer, Alexa Activism and agency in India : by Supurna Banerjee Administrative law / by Forsyth, Christopher Adventure tourism management / by Buckley, Ralf Afghanistan : by Centlivres-Demont, Micheline,Ed. African photographer J. A. Green : by Anderson, Martha G, Ed. An environmental history of medieval Europe / by Hoffmann, Richard C An introduction to ocean remote sensing / by Martin, Seelye Ancient and modern democracy : by Nippel, Wilfried Antharjanam : by Devaki Nilayamgode Approaching the bible in medieval England/ by Poleg, Eyal Are racists crazy? : by Gilman, Sander L. Artificial intelligence and legal analytics: by Ashley, Kevin D Autism as context blindness / by Vermeulen, Peter Balanced constitutionalism : by Chintan Chandrachud Banaras reconstructed : by Madhuri Desai Bangladeshi migrants in India : by Rizwana Shamshad Between cultures : by Seigel, Jerrold E Big data over networks/ by Cui, Shuguang...[et al.], Ed Biochar : by Bruckman, Viktor J...[et al.], Ed. Boiled beans on toast: by Girish Karnad Building high integrity applications with SPARK / by McCormick, John W Business research methods / by Bryman, Alan Business, institutions, environment / by Runa Sarkar Caste and nature : by Mukul Sharma Cellulose nanocrystals : by Hamad, Wadood Y Central banks at a crossroads : by Bordo, Michael D...[et al.], Ed. China's borderlands: by Parham, Steven Christianity and freedom Vol.1: by Shah, Timothy Samuel, Ed. Christianity and natural law : by Doe, Norman, Ed. Civil society : by Rathod, G K, Ed. Climate change : by Incropera, Frank P Collateral frameworks : by Nyborg, Kjell G. Collected plays: vol 2 / by Girish Karnad Combating hunger and achieving food security / by Swaminathan, M. S. Compact data structures : by Navarro, Gonzalo Comparative defamation and privacy law / by Kenyon, Andrew T, Ed. Computational social science : by Alvarez, R. Michael, Ed. Confidence, likelihood, probability : by Schweder, Tore Constitutionalism and the rule of law : by Adams, Maurice, Ed. Constructing the past : Consumer behaviour : by Dinesh Kumar Controlling desires : by Ormand, Kirk Death anniversary : by Rāmanuṇṇi, K P Debating India : by Bhikhu Parekh Deconstructing the education-industrial complex in the digital age / by Loveless, Douglas J...[et al.], Ed. Defense perspectives in international criminal justice / by Rohan, Colleen M, Ed. Democracy and its discontents in Latin America / by Foweraker, Joe, Ed. Derek Walcott by Thieme, John Developing leisure time skills for people with autism spectrum disorders: by Coyne, Phyllis Disability, education and employment in developing countries : by Lamichhane, Kamal Displacement and exile : by Abhijith Dasgupta Dispute settlement reports 2015 Volume X: by World Trade Organization DNA in supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology / by Stulz, Eugen, Ed. Do-watch-listen-say : by Quill, Kathleen Ann Does Terrorism work ?: by English, Richard Doing Kyd : by Cinpoes, Nicoleta, Ed. Domestic politics and international human rights tribunals : by Hillebrecht, Courtney Doris Lessing by Watkins, Susan E-learning fundamentals : by Elkins, Diane Earth / by Zola, Émile East of India, South of China : by Amitav Acharya, Ecological climatology : by Bonan, Gordon B Economic analysis, moral philosophy, and public policy / by Hausman, Daniel M Economic development : by Giugale, Marcelo Economic growth : by La Grandville, Olivier de, Economic growth with social justice: by Khadija Haq, Ed. Economic survey 2016-17, Vol.2 / by Ministry of Finance, Government of India Emergencies in public law : by Loevy, Karin Eminent domain : by Kim, Iljoong, Ed. Endangered languages : by Thomason, Sarah Grey Environmental history : by McNeill, John Robert, Ed. Equality and discrimination law in Australia : by Gaze, Beth Ethics in an age of surveillance : by Henschke, Adam European constitutionalism / by Tuori, Kaarlo Evolution of economic ideas : by Vinay Bharat-Ram Evolutionary history : by Russell, Edmund Expressionism and film / by Kurtz, Rudolf Financial systems and economic growth : by Rousseau, Peter L, Ed. Fostering sustained learning among undergraduate students : by Chemosit, Caroline Fractured tales : by Badri Narayan. Gandhi in Bombay : by Usha Thakkar Genetics, Disability and the Law: by Paor, Aisling de German politics today/ by Roberts, Geoffrey K Global volcanic hazards and risk / by Loughlin, Susan C...[et al.], Ed. Globalization and labour reforms : by Zaad Mahmood Going beyond aid: by Lin, Justin Yifu Green signals : by Ramesh, Jairam, Greening the globe: by Hironaka, Ann Hanif Kureishi / by Moore-Gilbert, Bart Happily ever after : by Roach, Catherine M Hard-to-teach biology concepts: by Koba, Susan History, heritage and tradition in contemporary British politics: by Robinson, Emily Holy motherhood : by L'Estrange, Elizabeth. Human rights : by Pollis, Adamantia. Ed. Human trafficking and slavery reconsidered : by Stoyanova, Vladislava Ian McEwan / by Head, Dominic India and China at sea : by Brewster, David, Ed. India as a Pioneer of Innovation / by Harbir Singh, Ed. India education report: by Govinda, R, Ed. India public finance and policy report 2016 : by Jyotsna Jalan, Ed. India's military modernization : by Rajesh Basrur, Ed. Indian arrivals, 1870-1915 : by Boehmer, Elleke Information, power, and democracy : by Stehr, Nico Innovation and the evolution of industries : by Malerba, Franco...[et al.] Interactions with search systems / by White, Ryen W Intercultural responsiveness in the second language learning classroom / by Jones, Kathryn, Ed. International courts and the performance of international agreements : by Carrubba, Clifford J International criminal tribunals : by May, Larry International dispute settlement / by Merrills, J. G Introduction to parallel computing / by Czech, Zbigniew J Iran: by Axworthy, Michael Islam and the state in Myanmar : by Crouch, Melissa, Ed. Jus cogens : by Weatherall, Thomas, Justice: by Sapio, Flora...[et al.], Ed. Knowledge engineering : by Tecuci, Gheorghe Labour in global value chains in Asia / by Dev Nathan, Ed. Labour, state and society in rural India: by Pattenden, Jonathan Land questions in India: by D'Costa, Anthony P, Ed. Law and the new logics / by Glenn, H. Patrick, Ed. Law, liberty and state : by Dyzenhaus, David, Ed. Law, religion, and health in the United States / by Lynch, Holly Fernandez, Ed. Leadership training by Lou, Russell Learning scientific programming with Python / by Hill, Christian Legal aspects of business : by Albuquerque, Daniel, Licensed larceny : by Hildyard, Nicholas Lifetime disadvantage, discrimination, and the gendered workforce/ by Bisom-Rapp, Susan Ligand design in metal chemistry : by Stradiotto, Mark, Ed. Macroeconomic paradigms and economic policy : by Acocella, Nicola Macroeconomics/ by Burda, Michael Management accounting / by Paresh Shah Managing portfolio credit risk in banks / by Arindam Bandyopadhyay Manorama YearBook 2019 (മനോരമ ഇയർബുക്ക് 2019)/ by Mammen Mathew, Ed. (മാമൻ മാത്യു , എഡി :) Manorama YearBook 2019 / by Mammen Mathew, Ed. Marketing / by Harsh V Verma Mathrubhumi Year Book Plus 2019 (മാതൃഭൂമി ഇയർബുക്ക് Plus 2019) / by Chandran, P V, Ed. (ചന്ദ്രൻ, പി. വി; എഡി :) Mathrubhumi Year Book Plus 2019: by Chandran, P V, Ed. Me hijra, me Laxmi / by Lakshmīnārāyaṇa Tripāṭhī Measuring India : by Saluja, M. R., Microclimate and local climate / by Barry, Roger G Migrant remittances and development in the global economy / by Orozco, Manuel Migration matters : by Gurucharan Gollerkeri Mineral resources, economics and the environment / by Kesler, Stephen E. Minerals : by Wenk, Hans-Rudolf Modern criminal law of Australia / by Gans, Jeremy Modern drama : by Shepherd-Barr, Kirsten Modern India : by Jeffrey, Craig Modern Italy : by Cento Bull, Anna Multilayer social networks / by Dickison, Mark E Multimedia computing / by Friedland, Gerald Nanostructures and nanotechnology / by Natelson, Douglas Natural disasters and adaptation to climate change / by Boulter, Sarah...[et al.], Ed. Neocitizenship : by Cherniavsky, Eva Not war, not peace? : by Perkovich, George Obligations : by Hogg, Martin, Oedipus the king and other tragedies / by Sophocles Of gardens and graves : by Kaul, Suvir On central banking / by Qvigstad, Jan Fredrik Organizational behaviour / by Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya Other pasts, different presents, alternative futures / by Black, Jeremy Oxford readings in Indian art / by Goswamy, B. N, Ed. Pax Gandhiana: by Anthony J Parel Photography and social movements : by Memou, Antigoni Plays and performance texts by women, 1880-1930 : by Gale, Maggie B, Ed. Political thinkers: by Boucher, David, Ed. Probability and computing by Mitzenmacher, Michael Programming in Haskell / by Hutton, Graham Proportionality and judicial activism : by Petersen, Niels Proportionality and the rule of law : by Huscroft, Grant, Ed. Psychoanalysis, culture, and religion : by Dinesh Sharma, Ed. Public health and private wealth : by Hodges, Sarah, Ed. Public institutions in India : by Devesh Kapur, Ed. Public policy and politics in India: by Kuldeep Mathur Public policy in India / by Rajesh Chakrabarti Python for scientists/ by Stewart, John M R K Narayan/ by Thieme, John Real-time software design for embedded systems / by Gomaa, Hassan Rebuilding Asia following natural disasters : by Daly, Patrick T, Ed. Regimes of narcissism, regimes of despair / by Ashis Nandy Regulating speech in cyberspace : by Laidlaw, Emily B Relationship building and sexual awareness for kids with autism: by Heighway, Susan Research methodology: by Phanse, Sameer Responding to genocide: by Lupel, Adam, Ed. Rethinking public institutions in India / by Devesh Kapur, Ed. Revealed preference theory / by Chambers, Christopher P Revolution without revolutionaries : by Bayat, Asef Secret writings of Hoshang Merchant / by Merchant, Hoshang Settled versus right : by Kozel, Randy J Shakespeare's comedies : by Van Es, Bart Shaping policy in India : by Rajesh Chakrabarti Shari'a in the modern era : by Zahalka, Iyad Shifting ground : by Mahesh Rangarajan, Ed. So near, yet so far : by Manujendra Kundu Social science research in India : by Sukhadeo Thorat, Ed. Social skills training for children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome and social-communication problems / by Baker, Jed E Social Theory in Archaeology and Ancient History : by Emberling, Geoff, Ed. Sparse image and signal processing : by Starck, Jean-Luc Special and gifted education (Vol.1): by Information Resources Management Association, Ed. Special and gifted education (Vol.2): by Information Resources Management Association, Ed. Special and gifted education (Vol.3): by Information Resources Management Association, Ed. Special and gifted education (Vol.4): by Information Resources Management Association, Ed. Special economic zones in India : by Tantri, Malini L Speech and audio processing : by McLoughlin, Ian Vince Strategies for a successful mealtime : by Flanagan, Maureen A Tales of literacy for the 21st century / by Wolf, Maryanne Teaching for inclusion: by Srikala Naraian Teaching macroeconomics with Microsoft Excel / by Barreto, Humberto The ASEAN economic community: by Pelkmans, Jacques The changing Arctic environment : by Stone, David P The child in international refugee law / by Pobjoy, Jason M The cultural revolution on trial: by Cook, Alexander C The DATA Model for teaching preschoolers with autism/ by Schwartz, Ilene The debate on the Crusades / by Tyerman, Christopher The economics of poverty: by Ravallion, Martin The encyclopedia of the modern world; vol 1 (A-F) : by Keylor, William R The encyclopedia of the modern world; vol. III (P-Z) : by Keylor, William R The encyclopedia of the modern world; vol.II (G-O) : by Keylor, William R The end of concern : by Lanza, Fabio The environment and international relations / by O'Neill, Kate The environments of the poor in South Asia : by Anushree Sinha, Ed. The financial system, financial regulation and central bank policy / by Cargill, Thomas F The foundations of Australian public law : by Connolly, Anthony J The G20 development agenda : by Shome, Parthasarathi, Ed. The gendered proletariat : by Swati Ghosh The globalization of world politics: by Baylis, John The grammar of caste: by Ashwini Deshpande The human right to water : by Langford, Malcolm, Ed. The Indian legal profession in the age of globalization : by Wilkins, David B, Ed. The judicial application of human rights law: by Nihal Jayawickrama The Lancashire witches : by Poole, Robert,Ed. The new Oxford handbook of economic geography / by Clark, Gordon L...[et al.], Ed. The origin and nature of life on Earth : by Smith, Eric The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature / by Hahn, Daniel The Oxford companion to Shakespeare / by Dobson, Michael, Ed. The Oxford handbook on Indian foreign policy / by Malone, David M, Ed. The Oxford India anthology of modern Malayalam literature by Raveendran, P P, Ed. The Oxford India anthology of modern Malayalam literature by Raveendran, P P, Ed. The Oxford India anthology of Telugu dalit writing / by Purushotham, K, Ed. The perpetual fair : by Wohlcke, Anne The politics of Jean Genet's late theatre : by Lavery, Carl The politics of technological progress : by Simmons, Joel W The power card strategy 2.0 / by Gagnon, Elisa The principles and practice of international commercial arbitration / by Moses, Margaret L The Race Whisperer : by Price, Melanye T The reinvention of Magna Carta 1216-1616 / by Baker, John The tempest/ by Vaughan, Virginia Mason The textile industry in India : by Bindu Oberoi The unsafe sex : by Nalini Natarajan The world since 1945: by McWilliams, Wayne C Thirteen months in China : by Gadadhar Singh Time and environmental law : by Richardson, Benjamin J Toni Morrison/ by Matus, Jill Toxic torts: by Cranor, Carl F Tughlaq / by Girish Karnad Uncovering Student Ideas in Science; vol. 1: by Keeley, Page Uncovering Student Ideas in Science; vol. 2: by Keeley, Page Uncovering student Ideas in Science; vol. 4: by Keeley, Page Uncovering student Ideas in Science; vol.3: by Keeley, Page Understanding development : by Rapley, John Understanding organisational behaviour / by Udai Pareek Unequal worlds : by Vidhu Verma, Ed. Uprooting the pumpkin : by Chelva Kanaganayakam, Ed. Violence studies / by Kalpana Kannabirān, Ed. Volatile state : by Oualaalou, David S Volcanism and global environmental change / by Schmidt, Anja, Ed. Volpone / by Jonson, Ben Walking the Western Ghats / by Johnsingh, A. J. T. War news in India: by Jarboe, Andrew Tait, Ed. Water, Christianity and the rise of capitalism / by Oestigaard, Terje When mirrors are windows : by Rodríguez, Guillermo Why love leads to justice : by Richards, David A. J. Winter of artifice : by Nin, Anaïs Women in England, c. 1275-1525 : by Goldberg, P J P, Tr. & Ed. Women of letters : by Hannan, Leonie, Women, credit, and debt in early modern Scotland / by Spence, Cathryn Workload modeling for computer systems performance evaluation / by Feitelson, Dror G Zombies, migrants, and queers : by Fojas, Camilla