New Additions May-June 2019 RSS feed for public list New Additions May-June 2019 A feminist perspective of mysticism in the works of Paulo Coelho / by Mallika A Nair, Researcher | Latha Nair, R, Guide A new history of African Christian thought : by Ngong, David Tonghou, Ed. A practical guide to event promotion / by Jackson, Nigel A. A primer on QSAR/QSPR modeling: by Kunal Roy A study on customer perception and loyalty in diamond jewellery market in Kerala / by Abey Jose George , Researcher | Sreeranganadhan, K, Guide A Study on functions of human resource management and its impact on organizational health with specific reference to selected ayurveda companies in the state of Kerala / by Satheesh Kumar, E P, Researcher | Chandrasekhar, K S, Guide A study on job satisfaction and institutional commitment among school teachers in Kerala / by Bindu Menon, M P, Researcher | Jose, K G, Guide A study on management styles and their influence on teacher performance of the secondary schools of Kerala / by Vijayan, M R, Researcher | Reghu, V, Guide A study on regulatory and redressal measures to investors protection in India / by Deepa, K J Researcher | Jacob Thomas, Guide A study on the impact of agricultural insurance on risk management among food crop farmers in Kerala / by Josheena Jose, Researcher | Vasantha Kumari, P, Guide A study on the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy living in Kerala / by Anu George Varghese, Researcher | Agasa, K S, Guide Acyl Homoserine Lactone (AHL) based quorum sensing and its biotechnological applications / by Merlin Antony, Researcher | Jayachandran, K, Guide Advances in advertising research (Vol. VI) by Verlegh, Peeter, Ed. Advances in nanostructured cellulose-based biomaterials / by Carreno, Neftali L V Advances in national brand and private label marketing : by Martinez-Lopez, Francisco J, Ed. Adventure tourism : by Swarbrooke, John. An ancient theory of religion : by Roubekas, Nickolas P An anthropology of money : by DiMuzio, Tim, Anthropometric and motor performance as predictor variables of spike jump and block jump in volleyball / by Mathews Jacob, Researcher | Jose James, Guide Antonio Gramsci and the question of religion : by Grelle, Bruce Artificial neural network based pattern recognition systems for offline handwritten character recognition / by Moni, Bindu S, Researcher | Raju, G, Guide Assessment of genetic diversity in Oryza sativa L.: by Jithin Thomas, Researcher | Dominic, V J, Guide Authority and meaning in Indian religions : by Leslie, Julia Automobile heritage and tourism / by Conlin, Michael V, Ed. Beginning with disability : by Davis, Lennard J...[et al.], Ed. Between the indomitable east and irresistible west: by Ramesh K G, Researcher | Nithyanantha Bhat, V, Guide Big data analytics strategies for the smart grid / by Stimmel, Carol L Biochemical studies on Heracleum Candolleanum (Wight et Arn) Gamble / by Hemand Aravind, Researcher | Latha, M S, Guide Biodiversity and conservation of Plumbago Linn of Ranni Range, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala / by Asha Saji, Researcher | Antony, V T, Guide Black and postcolonial feminisms in new times : by Mirza, Heidi Safia, Ed. Black swan start-ups : by Mahroum, Sami Black women, agency, and the new black feminism / by Davidson, Maria del Guadalupe, Buddhism : by Burton, David Buddhist modernities : by Havnevik, Hanna, Ed. Business innovation through blockchain : by Morabito, Vincenzo Business intelligence : by Zimanyi, Esteban, Ed. Business travel and tourism / by Swarbrooke, John Caste and Christianity : by Forrester, Duncan B Cellular signal processing : by Marks, Friedrich Cellulose chemistry and properties : by Rojas, Orlando J, Ed. Characterization of nano zinc ferrites and investigations on their optical limiting and antialgal applications / by Rintu Mary Sebastian, Researcher | Mohammed, E M, Guide Cloud computing networking : by Chao, Lee, Cognitive and intellectual disabilities : by Richards, Steve, Coloniality, ontology, and the question of the posthuman / by Jackson, Mark S, Ed. Commodities and culture in the colonial world / by Supriya Chaudhuri, Ed. Computational probability : by Drew, John H Conducting polymer hybrids / by Vijay Kumar, Ed. Conservative politics in national and imperial crisis : by Ball, Stuart, Ed. Consumption and everyday life / by Paterson, Mark, Contemporary African American families : by Smith-Ruiz, Dorothy, Ed. Conversation, friendship and transformation : by Constantine Jackson, Jennifer Core ethics for health professionals : by Phalen, Robert F. Corporate responsibility : by Manos, Ronny, Ed. Cracking a Ph.D. : by Lindawati Current controversies in values and science / by Elliott, Kelvin C, Ed. Cyber security. simply. make it happen : by Abolhassan, Ferri, Ed. Cybervetting : by Appel, Edward J. Data mining with R : by Torgo, Luís Data science in R : by Nolan, Deborah Development of educational courseware for enhancing appreciation and creativity in English poetry among secondary school students / by Nidhu Neena Varghese, Researcher | Jaya Jaise, Guide Development of organically modified nanoclay filled natural rubber, chlorobutyl rubber and their blend nanocomposites / by Ajesh K. Zachariah, Researcher | Sabu Thomas, Guide Digital stractics : by Outram, Chris, Digital technologies and generational identity : by Taipale, Sakari, Ed. Digital transformation in journalism and news media : by Friedrichsen, Mike, Ed. Disability and social media : by Ellis, Katie, Ed. Disengaging the form in postmodern fiction: by Mary Limna Viswas, Researcher | Latha Nair, R, Guide Diversity, distribution and physiological capabilities of culturable heterotrophic bacteria from grassland, shola, myristica swamp and evergreen forest soils of southern western Ghats./ by Rinoy Varghese, Researcher | Mohamed Hatha, A A, Guide Doing business in ASEAN markets : by Verhezen, Peter Early modern emotions : by Broomhall, Susan, Ed. Early writings on India : by Kaul, H K, Ed. Economics of urban water supply system: by Suprabha, L, Researcher | Radhakrishnan, N, Guide Edible oils : by Chemat, Smain, Ed. Effectiveness of synectics model and gaming strategy on achievement and creativity in Mathematics among secondary school students / by Bincy Titus, Researcher | Sajna Jaleel, Guide Effectiveness of web-integrated language learning on language anxiety and achievement in English among secondary school students / by Janeepa, P A, Researcher | Jaya Jaise, Guide Electrochemistry in a divided world: by Scholz, Fritz, Ed. Embedded systems and robotics with open source tools / by Nilanjan Dey Embodied social justice / by Johnson, Rae, Emergency response decision support system / by Shan, Siqing Emerging communication technologies based on wireless sensor networks : by Rehmani, Mubashir Husain, Ed. Engagements with narrative / by Utell, Janine, Environmental change and sustainable social development : by Hessle, Sven Equity derivatives and hybrids : by Brockhaus, Oliver. Essays on the transformation of India's agrarian economy / by Chiranjib Sen Etourism case studies: by Egger, Roman, Ed. Evaluation of anticancer and antioxidant activity of Plumbago Indica / by Binil Eldhose, Researcher | Jayachandran K, Guide Evaluation of the plant extracts used in ayurvedic medicine to control the growth and survival of pathogens on food contact surfaces / by Indu M Nair, Researcher | Mohamed Hatha, A A, Guide Event mobilities : by Hannam, Kevin, Ed. Events management : by Bladen, Charles...[et al.] Events project management / by Pielichaty, Hanya, Exploration of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions involving homoenolate generated by NHC organocatalysis / by Seetha Lakshmi, K C, Researcher | Anil Kumar, G, Guide | Vijay Nair, G, Guide Family businesses in the Arab world : by Basly, Sami, Ed. Fashion and masculinities in popular culture / by Geczy, Adam Fictionalising colonialism: by Alvin Joseph, Researcher | Raveendran, P P, Guide Fillers for polymer applications / by Rothon, Roger, Ed. Food tourism around the world: by Hall, C Michael, Ed. Formulating research methods for information systems; vol. 2 / by Willcocks, Leslie P, Ed. Foucault, Buddhism, and disciplinary rules / by Voyce, Malcolm Friedrich Max Müller and the role of philology in Victorian thought / by Davis, John R, Ed. Fundamentals of sustainable development / by Roorda, Niko. Gender in cross-cultural perspective / by Brettell, Caroline, Ed. Get it done on time! : by Bergland, Eric, Ed. GIS and the social sciences : by Ballas, Dimitris Global social transformation and social action : by Hessle, Sven, Ed. Global thinking and local action : by Ite, Uwem E Globalization of Indian industries : by Beule, Filip De, Ed. Graphene-based materials in health and environment: by Gocalves, Gil, Ed. Green biocomposites : by Jawaid, Mohammad, Ed. Habermas and social research : by Murphy, Mark, Ed. Handbook of data compression / by Salomon, D. Health and medicine in the Indian princely states : by Ernst, Waltraud Herod : by Richardson, Peter, Hindu images and their worship with special reference to Vaisnavism : by Lipner, Julius Holocaust images and picturing catastrophe : by Buettner, Angi. Homelessness and social work : by Zufferey, Carole Human rights and social equality : by Hessle, Sven, Ed. Ichthyo-diversity of Puthenvelikkara and its environs in Ernakulam, Kerala, India / by Shyla, M H, Researcher | Jameela Beevi, K S, Guide Identication and remediation of misconceptions about chemical kinetics among secondary school students / by Nisha S. Dharan, Researcher | Rajan, K M, Guide IFRSS in a global world : by Bensadon, Didier, Ed. Image content retargeting : by Artusi, Alessandro Impact of anthropogenicstress on biodiversity in Periyar tiger reserve: by Abin Varghese, Researcher | Punnen Kurian, Guide India and Pakistan: by Spate, O H K Indian Classical Dance and the Making of Postcolonial National Identities : by Sitara Thobani Indian music: by Holroyde, Peggy Industrial applications for intelligent polymers and coatings / by Hosseini, Majid, Ed. Influence of certain psycho-social factors on prosocial behaviour and classroom adjustment of students at degree level / by Annie Marie Merlene, A, Researcher | Jacob, P J, Guide Innovative strategies for iron-catalyzed cross- coupling reactions in aqueous medium under aerobic conditions / by Sindhu, K S, Researcher | Anilkumar, G, Guide Intellectual property rights, international conventions and trips: by Geethika, G, Researcher | Raju K Thadikkaran, Guide International hospitality management : by Clarke, Alan International perspectives on the teaching of literature in schools : by Goodwyn, Andrew, Ed. Introduction to modern cryptography / by Katz, Jonathan Iron catalysis II / by Bauer, Eike, Ed. Islamic banks and financial institutions : by Lone, Fayaz Ahmad Islamic marketing : by Nestorovic, Cedomir. Isolation, molecular, charecterization and enzyme bioprospection of chitinolytic bacteria associated with valanthakad mangrove ecosystem/ by Rishad K S, Researcher | Jisha, M S, Guide Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith : by Griswold, Charles L Jewish glass and Christian stone : by Smith, Eric C Know thyself : by Green, Mitchell S. Knowledge and project management : by Handzic, Meliha, Ed. Knowledge solutions: by Serrat, Olivier Language and neoliberalism / by Holborow, Marnie LGBT identity and online new media / by Pullen, Christopher, Ed. Lifelong learning for tourism : by Cuffy, Violet V, Ed. Localizing governance in India / by Chakrabarty, Bidyut, Management education : by Klikauer, Thomas Managing food safety risks in the agri-food industries / by Soon, Jan Mei Marginalized masculinities : by Haywood, Chris, Ed. Material cultures of slavery and abolition in the British Caribbean / by Petley, Christer, Ed. Meanings and values of water in Russian culture / by Costlow, Jane T, Ed. Media representations in Malayalam short stories (മലയാള ചെറുകഥയിലെ മാധ്യമ പ്രതിനിധാനങ്ങൾ ): by Sajith Joseph (സജിത് ജോസഫ്), Researcher | Jose K. Manuel (ജോസ് കെ മാനുവൽ), Guide Medical sociology / by Cockerham, William C., Medieval thought and historiography / by Constable, Giles Mehrunnisa parvez ke upanyaso mein chitrit stri aur shoshit varg (मेहरुन्निसा परवेज़ की उपन्यासों में चित्रित स्त्री ओर शोषित वर्ग) / by Praseeja, N M (प्रसीजा एन एम्), Researcher | Helen, K J (हेलन के जे), Guide Metrolingualism : by Pennycook, Alastair Minority right to establish and administer professional educational institutions: by Sherafudeen, K, Researcher | George Joseph, Guide Modern frames and premodern themes in Indian philosophy : by Raghuramaraju, A. Modern Hindu traditionalism in contemporary India : by Bevilacqua, Daniela, Modernity reimagined? : by Chandra Mukerji Molecular based identification and phytochemical evaluation of selected members of Verbenaceae / by Rojimon P Thomas, Researcher | Mahesh Mohan, Guide Molecular investigation on species diversity, antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation among coagulase negative staphylococci / by Soumya, K R, Researcher | Radhakrishnan, E K, Guide Molecular microbiology : by Persing, David H., Ed. Molecular phylogenetic relationships among impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) Using chloroplast and nuclear regions / by Shajitha P P, Researcher | Linu Mathew, Guide Museums in the Second World War : by Pearson, Catherine Nano-size polymers : by Fakirov, Stoyko, Ed. Nanotechnologies for environmental remediation : by Lofrano, Giusy, Ed. Nanotechnology in biology and medicine : by Vo-Dinh, Tuan, Ed. Nanotechnology in nutraceuticals : by Sen, Shampa, Ed. Nature in the history of economic thought : by Wolloch, Nathaniel, Negritude poetry and Malayalam dalit poetry (നെഗ്രിറ്റ്യൂഡ് കവിതയും മലയാള ദലിത് കവിതയും) : by Ambily Mereena Kurian, (അമ്പിളി മെറീന കുര്യൻ), Researcher | Babuji, M G (ബാബുജി എം ജി ), Guide Networked filtering and fusion in wireless sensor networks / by Mahmoud, Magdi S. New frontiers in feminist political economy / by Rai, Shirin, Ed. New pathways in pilgrimage studies : by Albera, Dionigi, Ed. Notes on the races, castes and trades of eastern Bengal / by Ananda Bhattacharyya, Ed. Novel zinc- catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom cross-coupling reactions and related chemistry / by Amrutha P Thankachan, Researcher | Anil Kumar, G, Guide On knowing humanity : by Meneses, Eloise Hiebert, Ed. Outside the “image” and “likeness”: by Nithya Mariam John, Researcher | Annie Margret, P, Guide Patent on life forms and its impact on human environment with particular reference to climate change / by Sunil Gladson, M, Researcher | Vikraman Nair, K, Guide Paulose Shliho according to Jacob of Sarug: by Raju, P J, Researcher | JacobThekkeparambil, Guide Peace journalism principles and practices : by Youngblood, Steven Phenology and life history traits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from Cochin estuary, India / by Ambily V, Researcher | Bijoy Nandan, S, Guide Phylogeny of Indian Clariids and population genetic structure of Clarias dussumieri using molecular markers / by Aneesha Devassy, Researcher | Linu Mathew, Guide | Padmakumar, K G, Guide Pollen characterization of spices and their wild allies in Kerala / by Divya, K G, Researcher | Maya C. Nair, Guide Positive tourism / by Filep, Sebastian, Ed. Power, knowledge and feminist scholarship : by Pereira, Maria do Mar, Praxeological political analysis / by Jonas, Michael, Ed. Prayer and politics / by Veer, Peter van der, Ed. Principles of evolution : by Bard, Jonathan B. L. Producing Christian culture : by Gasper, Giles E. M, Ed. Professional identity and social work / by Webb, Stephen A., Ed. Pursuing intersectionality, unsettling dominant imaginaries / by May, Vivian M Racialised gang rape and the reinforcement of dominant order : by Grewal, Kiran Kaur Reasoning in measurement / by Mössner, Nicola, Ed. Reconceiving religious conflict : by Mayer, Wendy, Ed. Refrains of the earth-woman interface: by Suja,T V, Researcher | Varughese C. Abraham, Guide Refugees and the ethics of forced displacement / by Parekh, Serena, Regional differences in entrepreneurship: by Shacheendran, V, Researcher | Tomy Mathew, Guide Research and practice on the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) : by Chechurin, Leonid, Ed. Research for effective social work practice / by Krysik, Judy. Rethinking historical genres in the twenty-first century / by Aurell, Jaume, Ed. Rethinking social exclusion in India : by Mio, Minoru, Ed. Robustness analysis in decision aiding, optimization, and analytics / by Doumpos, Michael, Ed. Routledge companion to contemporary anthropology / by Coleman, Simon, Ed. Routledge handbook of the Indian diaspora / by Hegde, Radha Sarma, Ed. Rural-urban migration of women: by Kolattukudy Jose Shirley, Researcher | Martin Patrick, Guide Safety, ethics and regulations / by Pham, Phuc Van, Ed. Scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis / by Goldstein, Joseph I Schools and styles of anthropological theory / by Candea, Matei, Ed. Science and socio-religious revolution in India : by Jain, Pankaj Self as history: by Geetha George, K, Researcher | Raveendran, P P, Guide Services marketing cases in emerging markets : by Sanjit Kumar Roy, Ed, Shame, the church, and the regulation of female sexuality / by Clough, Miryam Shaping the digital enterprise : by Oswald, Gerhard, Ed. Slavery and abolition in the Atlantic World : by Landers, Jane, Ed. Slow tourism, food and cities : by Clancy, Michael, Ed. Social capital / by Field, John, Socio-economic aspects of overqualified female teachers in schools: A study of Thrissur District / by Mary Thomas, K, Researcher | Stephanson, K A, Guide Stress management of women managers: by Rajitha, K, Researcher | Harikumar, P N, Guide Studies on gas sensing characteristics of ZnO nanostructured thin films / by Sunil C. Vattappalam , Researcher | Sunny Mathew, Guide | Simon Augustine, Guide Studies on plant growth promoting properties and applications of PGPR isolates from Western Ghat / by Jimtha John, C, Researcher | Radhakrishnan, E K, Guide Survival and risk assessment of biofilm associated bacteria in drinking water microcosms and distribution systems / by Jyothy, S, Researcher | Mohamed Hatha, A A, Guide Synthesis, characterization and physicochemical studies of copper oxide and calcium phosphate based epoxy nanocomposites / by Anu Tresa Sunny, Researcher | Sabu Thomas, Guide | Suresh Mathew, Guide Systematic, ethnobotanic nutraceutical and pharmacognostic studies on moringa oleifera lam; syzygium cumini (Linn.) skeels, and syzygium caryophyllatum (Linn.) alston / by Kala, K, Researcher | Antony, V T, Guide Systematic, pharmacognostic ethnobotanic and nutraceutical study of coccinia grandis (Linn.) voight, momordica charantia linn. and benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn / by Sheemole, M S, Researcher | Antony, V T, Guide Text mining and visualization : by Hofmann, Markus, Ed. The afterlife in early Christian Carthage : by Potthoff, Stephen E The anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft / by Stein, Rebecca L The British Christian women's movement : by Daggers, Jenny The cardamom economy of Kerala: by Jaimol James, Researcher | Leena Mathew, Guide The clinical practice of educational therapy : by Ficksman, Maxine, Ed. The Congress and Indian nationalism : by Hill, John L, Ed. The Congress in Tamilnad : by Arnold, David, The development and management of visitor attractions / by John, Swarbrooke The economics of recreation, leisure and tourism / by Tribe, John. The formation of the colonial state in India : by Bellenoit, H. J. A. The impact of mechanization in the socio-economic development of fishermen in Kerala / by Veena Priya, S, Researcher | Sreeranganadhan, K, Guide The impact of societal and social innovation: by Lin, Carol Yeh-Yun The influence of negatively charged heavier ions on some plasma waves in a cometary plasma / by Sreekala, G, Researcher | Venugopal, C, Guide The limits of gendered citizenship : by Oleksy, Elżbieta H., Ed. The making of the Indian princes / by Thompson, Edward The performance of religion : by Sautter, Cia The process of communalization of a society : by Aneesudheen, P K, Researcher | Sanal Mohan, P, Guide The Rādhā Tantra : by Broo, Måns The Rastafari movement : by Barnett, Michael The reinvention of primitive society : by Kuper, Adam The revelation of Paul the apostle: by Joju Anto, Researcher | Jacob Thekkeparambil, Guide The Routledge handbook of Asian American studies / by Cheng, Cindy I-Fen, Ed. The social workers' toolbox : by De Mönnink, Herman J., The state, industrialization, and class formations in India : by Anupam Sen. The Tamil question in Sri Lanka: by Satheesh Kumar, P K, Researcher | Seethi, K M, Guide The Tinai concepts in selected novels of Margaret Laurence, Thomas Hardy and Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai / by Saraswathy Antharjanam, N, Researcher | Celine E, Guide Theravada Buddhist encounters with modernity / by Schober, Juliane, Ed. Total quality management(TQM) implementation in hospitals : by Krupa K Alex, Researcher | Harilakshmeendra Kumar, Guide Tourism impacts, planning and management / by Mason, Peter Tourism marketing for cities and towns : by Kolb, Bonita M., Tourism marketing for developing countries : by Avraham, Eli. Tourism resilience and adaptation to environmental change : by Lew, Alan A, Ed. Tourism, travel, and blogging : by Azariah, Deepti Ruth Toxicity induced changes of CU and PB on the humoral and cellular factors on Anabas Testudineus (Bloch,1792) / by Girish Kumar, B, Reseacher | Bijoy Nandan, Guide Transgender identities : by Hines, Sally. Ed. Truth about India: by Elwin, Verrier Understanding global sexualities : by Aggleton, Peter. Ed. Understanding tourism / by Medlik, S Untouchable : by Freeman, James M Values, objectivity, and explanation in historiography / by Førland, Tor Egil Walking into the void : by Horváth, Ágnes Wireless sensor multimedia networks : by Azim, Mohamed Mostafa A., Ed. Women's work and wages : by Persson, Inga, Ed. Writing history from the margins : by Parfait, Claire, Ed. WTO, GATS and Indian telecommunication services sector: by Sebastian A Mathew, Researcher | Gireesh Kumar, R, Guide Yogurt : by Marette, André, ആദിവാസി ജീവിത ചിത്രീകരണം പി വത്സലയുടെ നോവലിൽ (Portrayal of tribal life in P. Valsala’s novel) / by Asha Mathai (ആശ മത്തായി), Researcher | Aju, K N (അജു, കെ എൻ), Guide എഴുത്തിന്റെ ഭിന്നമുഖങ്ങൾ പി കെ ബാലകൃഷ്ണനിൽ (P K Balakrishnan: A Multifarious Writer) / by Jency, K A (ജെൻസി, കെ എ), Researcher | Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തൻ, എസ് കെ), Guide ചന്ദനശ്ശേരിക്കാവിലെ മുടിയേറ്റ് (Chandanasserikavile mudiyett) / by Lalimol, S (ലാലിമോൾ എസ്), Researcher | Revikumar, B (രവികുമാർ ബി ), Guide