New additions July-August 2019 RSS feed for public list New additions July-August 2019 Administrative law : by Elliott, Mark Amrita Sher-Gil : Ashworth's principles of criminal law / by Horder, Jeremy, Bonfire of creeds : by Ashis Nandy Borges and Kafka : by Roger, Sarah Rachelle, Charles Dickens : by Hartley, Jenny, Civil liberties and human rights / by Costigan, Ruth Collected plays; vol 1 / by Girish Karnad Constitutional ethos : by Tsesis, Alexander, Constitutional law, administrative law, and human rights : by Loveland, Ian, Constitutionalism : by Grimm, Dieter Counseling special populations in schools / by Fisher, Emily S., Deals and development : by Pritchett, Lant, Ed. Development and human rights : by Oestreich, Joel E., Dictators, democrats, and development in Southeast Asia : by Rock, Michael T., Doing sociology in India : by Sujata Patel, Ed. Dust Bowl : by Worster, Donald, East Asia's Other Miracle : by Bellamy, Alex J., Equal opportunity peacekeeping : by Sabrina Karim Expert evidence and criminal jury trials / by Freckelton QC, Ian...[et al.] First citizens : by Meena Radhakrishna, Ed. Fridays of rage : by Cherribi, Sam, Frogs and other plays / by Aristophanes, George Orwell : by Colls, Robert, Guns across America : by Spitzer, Robert J Hamlet's moment : by Kiséry, András, In praise of litigation / by Lahav, Alexandra D., Indian cinema : by Ashish Rajadhyaksha International politics and institutions in time / by Fioretos, Orfeo, Ed. Language and character in Euripides' Electra / by Emde Boas, Evert van, Legitimacy gap : by Depaigne, Vincent, Listen, we need to talk : by Harrison, Brian F., Love's subtle magic : by Aditya Behl Managed speech : by Magarian, Gregory P Measuring wellbeing : by Vecchi, Giovanni, Migration : by Dustmann, Christian, Ed. Milton in the long restoration / Mission failure : by Mandelbaum, Michael, New Frontiers in Open Innovation / by Chesbrough, Henry, Ed. Pathways to industrialization in the twenty-first century : by Szirmai, Adam, Ed. Postcolonial thought and social theory / by Go, Julian Principles of medical law / by Laing, Judith M, Ed. Professional ethics / by Duncan, Nigel Public law / by Elliott, Mark Remedies / by Browne, Julie Rethinking political Islam / by Hamid, Shadi, Ed. Secular chains : by Connell, Philip Shakespeare and ecology / by Martin, Randall Textbook on administrative law / by Leyland, Peter The Anarchical Society at 40 : by Suganami, Hidemi, Ed. The BRICS and collective financial statecraft / by Roberts, Cynthia The dreams of Tipu Sultan ; by Girish Karnad The end of American world order / by Amitav Acharya The future of consumer society : by Cohen, Maurie J., The knowledge we have lost in information : by Mirowski, Philip, The origins of American religious nationalism / by Haselby, Sam. The Oxford handbook of banking / by Berger, Allen N, Ed. The Oxford handbook of church and state in the United States / by Davis, Derek H, Ed. The Oxford handbook of feminist theory / by Disch, Lisa, Ed. The Oxford handbook of Indian foreign policy / by Malone, David, Ed. The Oxford handbook of refugee and forced migration studies / by Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena, Ed. The Oxford handbook of religion and violence / by Juergensmeyer, Mark, Ed. The Oxford handbook of the social science of poverty / by Brady, David, Ed. The political history of American food aid : by Riley, Barry, The politics of English nationhood / by Kenny, Michael The principles of the law of restitution / by Virgo, Graham, Tort law : by Brennan, Carol Unusually cruel : by Howard, Marc Morjé, Violence and the world's religious traditions : by Juergensmeyer, Mark, Ed. World population and human capital in the twenty-first century : by Lutz, Wolfgang, Ed.